Ends on January 31, 2019

$25.00 USD

The Money for Women/Barbara Deming Memorial Fund provides small grants ($500 - $1500) to individual feminist women in the arts who are citizens with primary residence in the U.S and Canada.


Applications from artists and writers (cis and transgendered) who:

  • Exhibit high quality and originality in their work
  • Use feminism as their central interpretive lens
  • Value both personal and political changes that stand against the limitations  and controls exerted against women and aim at optimum freedom and  agency for women  
  • Validate differences that overlap with gender such as race, ethnicity and class
  • Express an inclusive vision of social justice while focusing on justice for women  


Funding projects which you have begun or are well underway, and for which you have substantial work to show. 


  • Film, video, theatre, dance, music and performance projects, scripts and compositions.   
  • We do not award work which is or will be self-published. 
  • We do not give loans or provide money for educational assistance, work on dissertations or research (except research to be used in writing a book). 
  • We do not provide funds for the cost of editing services, business projects, or emergency money for people in need. 
  • We rarely give money to groups.
  • Former grantees must wait five years before reapplying.

Below are the materials you will need to submit:

  1. Project description (max 400 words)
  2. Description explaining why you are applying to a feminist fund (max 100 words)
  3. Budget
  4. Resume (max 2 pages)
  5. Project Sample - POETRY
  • Upload a PDF version of your POETRY work.   Maximum 15 pages with a minimum of 10 pages.  Your writing sample should be no smaller than 12 point type.  Please paginate and use the header to include your name and project title on the top right corner of each page.

Deadline:  11:59pm  January 31, 2019